Eyecare Services

Our eye care services are some of the best in Modesto. At Stanislaus Optometric Center we have a commitment to optometry and eye health that we take into every eye exam we conduct. Each of our services are designed to give members of our community the best vision they can have. Take a look at what we have to offer and contact us if you’d like to book an appointment.

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Eye Exams

Eye exams are the core of good visual health. An eye exam is the best way to catch preventable eye problems either before they start or while they are still easy to treat. There really is nothing that can replace the effectiveness of routine eye exams.

Contact Lenses

One of our most popular eye care services is our contact lens fitting. Our optometry practice can help determine if contact lenses are a good option for you and then get you fitted and prescribed for your next pair!

Hard to Fit Contacts

If you’ve had trouble being fit for contacts in the past, then we are here to help. We specialize in working with clients that have hard to fit conditions. We can work with you to find a contact lens prescription that works with your unique vision needs.


Eyeglasses are the classic answer to most vision problems. In fact, we recommend everyone have at least one pair of eyeglasses as a backup in case they lose or run out of their contacts. We can help measure and fit you for new eyeglasses. We can also work with you to provide new prescriptions to compensate for your changing vision. Eyeglasses are cooler than ever. We offer a wide selection of frames to keep you looking good and seeing even better.


We feature some of the coolest designer frames at affordable prices. Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be a compromise to your style or your vision. No matter what your prescription, we can help you find frames that work for you. Whether you need something sporty to keep up with your active lifestyle or you need something that will wow on a night out, we have frames for you.

Optometry Services in Modesto

At Stanislaus Optometric Center we take pride in making sure the good people of Modesto have the healthiest vision available. Call us today at (209) 527-2020 to schedule your next eye exam or to find out more about our eye care services.

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