Eye Exams

State-of-the-art eye exams.

At Stanislaus Optometric Center, Inc., you will receive one of the most comprehensive eye exams possible using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. This allows Dr. Nuccio and his staff to quickly detect signs of disease or abnormalities early on, while they’re still easy to treat. In addition to assessing nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and other refractive abnormalities, they perform a thorough check for sight-threatening problems like glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy, to name a few. Some of the innovative procedures that are performed include:

Digital Retinal Photography — Produces a comprehensive view of the retina to help detect eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal detachments and tumors.

Corneal Topography — Produces a 3-D map of the surface of the cornea to help diagnose refractive disorders and disease. Corneal topography is also used in fitting contact lenses and in planning laser refractive surgery.

Pachymetry — To monitor the progression of certain disorders that can cause the cornea to change thickness. Pachymetry can also help determine if a patient’s corneal thickness makes them a viable candidate for laser refractive surgery.

Computerized Visual Field Testing — This involves a computerized mapping of your central and peripheral vision sensitivity to light, which is valuable in assisting in the early detection of many diseases, including glaucoma, stroke or brain tumors affecting your visual pathway.

Once your eye exam is finished, Dr. Nuccio and his staff will take the time to go over the results with you. Everything will be explained clearly so you have a complete understanding of your current eye health.

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