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Regular Eye Exams Are Crucial to Maintaining Good Eye Health

Our vision is a principle sense that we use constantly to negotiate and interact with the world around us. Protecting it is of prime importance. One of the best ways to protect our sight is to have regular, comprehensive eye exams. Here at the Stanislaus Optometric Center in Modesto, CA, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to thoroughly check the health of your eyes. We are committed to helping you maintain good eye health.


Eye Exams Check How Well Your Eyes Respond to Your Needs

Reading character size charts and various reading material at different distances from your eyes allow your optometrist to determine how well your eyes are focusing. The results give an indication of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or other abnormalities that you might be experiencing. Other than words being blurry, lines on a page may appear wavy. Charts are also used to check for color blindness.

Your optometrist will also move an object, usually a pen or their finger, around and have you follow it with just your eyes. This allows them to discern how well your eye muscles are working. They can check to make sure your eyes are working in unison. Peripheral vision can also be checked this way. 

Our eyes are making continual adjustments that we normally do not even realize. Simple tests reveal how well they are performing these adjustments.

Serious Eye Conditions and Diseases Revealed During a Vision Exam

Sight-threatening conditions can be discovered during an eye exam. Oftentimes, individuals are not even aware that one of these conditions are present until irreparable vision loss has occurred. This shows the imperativeness of having regular eye exams.

By looking into your eye, and with the aid of modern diagnostic equipment, your optometrist can detect these conditions and diseases in their early stages. Early detection makes them easier to treat and manage and gives you the best chance of saving your sight.  Below is a list of some common sight-threatening disorders that can be caught early with regular eye exams:

  • Glaucoma:  Glaucoma is a buildup of pressure within your eye that can damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the communication channel from the eye to the brain. Damage to it may not be reparable. Glaucoma is detected with a simple pressure test and is treatable.  
  • Cataracts:  Cataracts are a cloudiness that builds up on the lens of your eyes. Corrective lenses can be used to manage the effects of the cataracts. At some point, lens replacement surgery may become necessary. These surgeries are normally outpatient and only take a few minutes to perform.   
  • Retinopathy:  High blood pressure and diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels in and around the retina. Since the retina is responsible for turning information gathered from light entering the eye into neural signals that the brain can understand, damage to it can greatly impair your vision. Also, if your retina is starting to detach from the eye wall, your optometrist can catch that happening. If these conditions are caught early, they can be monitored, managed, and repaired if possible.   
  • Macular degeneration:  The macula is part of the retina that is responsible for our central vision. Retina deterioration and leaky blood vessels can damage our macula. If caught early, progression of this disease can be reduced.

A variety of conditions and diseases can affect our eyes and vision. Many of these can be caught early during a vision exam. They can be controlled or eliminated, thus saving our vision.

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Understanding that various conditions can be happening unnoticed inside of our eyes helps us to appreciate that scheduling regular eye exams are a must to protect our vision. Our expert staff at Stanislaus Optometrist Center in Modesto, CA are here to help you protect your vision. Contact us today to arrange an appointment for a vision exam. We will help you maintain a clear future.

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